How to Serve ‘black’ Coffee

Night, fellas! Oke I wanna share how to make a coffee, No.. no… may be I’ll share how to serve a cup hot coffee, I love this drink and I’m drinker coffee, how about you, chicks. But one thing i dislike it too, sweetening in my coffee. I dislike sugar, I hate sweet in my drink.

Ok then, ingredients for make a coffee are sugar and black coffee. Oiaa… just say that this coffee given by my friend who’s from Palembang. Hahah.. This coffee, smooth texture, fragrant smell and I dont know why it hasn’t bitter taste like another coffee mostly.


Next, to serve a cup hot coffee. Look at this!


So, a cup could be reserved like that picture. Oke well, you can drink through the edge of small plate. Actually, this method always doing in my village. with this method, the water still warm, So if you wanna much talk with your friends, it’s no problem.


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