Graduation : A Transition, Change and Memories

My Graduation #20112012

Graduation celebrate on Tuesday (20/11/2012) was special day for me and family of course. my first moment and maybe I’ll never have another graduation. I think this graduation look like a life’s transition toward adult people where you’ll need big strength for to be you want, be a good man or good girl than before. Wanna say to thank you for everyone who had helped me and given motivation that I could be like now, ambiguous statement haha.

Dad,This step had finished, I know you always see me from there, I do this for you, for your wish and I’ll fight again for the next.

Mom, I can’t much talk, you’re my Hero, Mom. My sister, haha. I proud of you, because you got job first. But I’ll chase to you quickly. Start from here.. haha

Arif, thank you for your time to help me to care me and to love me. Thanks

Hai Great friend, echa , indri , yayuko >> you’re part of my life, my family. hehe. I pray to you all, May Allah give you easy way to finish your essay (last project) as possible soon, amien. I hope we’re together always. hihi.

Thank you for my All teacher, ever to think, someday I want to be like you. Espesially for my fav teacher Ms. M as the first lecturer. One of strong woman in my eyes. You’re my inspirator, smart, work and play hard in outdoor. *applause

Finally, remember something word to never belittle someone who has not attended University – you’ve been the lucky ones, welcome something new in the world, I’m ready !!! LOVE YOU ALL 🙂


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