Gil Ofarim- it’s your love

Hehehe…. ne lagu gw suka banged by Gil Featuring The Moffatts. Mpe hapal liriknys (tapi dulu). Kalo gak salah ne lagu membooming sewaktu aku masih SD (lupa kelas berapa). Pokoknya aku punya kaset CD nya. Sumpah keren abiz ne lagu!

Gil Doron Reichstadt Ofarim lahir 13 Agustus 1982 di Munich, Bavaria adalah penyanyi Jerman, penulis lagu dan sesekali aktor, saat ini juga dikenal sebagai penyanyi utama band Zoo Army. sumber

ehhh… sumpeh! gak nyangka ternyata dia berdarah jerman, negara impianku. wooow!


  • Here I Am (1998)
  • Children Of The World (1998)
  • The Album (2000)
  • The Best Of Gil … So Far (2001)
  • On My Own (2003)
  • 507 (Zoo Army) (2006)
  • 507 Limited Edition (Zoo Army) (2006)Singles


  • “Round’n’Round (It Goes)” (1997)
  • “Never Giving Up Now” (1998)
  • “If You Only Knew” (featuring The Moffats) (1998)
  • “Here I Am” (1998)
  • “Let The Music Heal Your Soul” (featuring Various Artists) (1998)
  • “Talk To You” (1998)
  • “Walking Down The Line” (1999)
  • “Out Of My Bed (Still in My Head)” (1999)
  • “The Reason” (2003)
  • “She” (2003 – not released)
  • “In Your Eyes” (2004)
  • “I’m Alive” (Zoo Army) (2006)


Gil ofarim

Tiga kata untuk Gil : Ganteng – Manis – Romantis (hahah)

kalo maw nyanyi neh lagu it’s ur love :

Dancin’ In The Dark
Middle Of The Night
Takin’ Your Heart
Holdin’ It Tight
Emotional Touch
Touchin’ My Skin
Askin’ You To Do
What You’Ve Been Doin’
All Over Again
Oh, It’S A Beautiful Thing
Don’T Think I Can Keep It All In
I’Ve Just Gotta Let You Know
What It Is That Won’T Let Me Go


It’S Your Love
Just Does Somethin’ To Me
Sends A Shock Right Through Me
Can’T Get Enough
And If You Wonder
About The Spell I’M Under
It’S Your Love

Better Than I Was
More Than I Am
All Of That Happened
By Takin’ Your Hand
Who I Am Now
Is Who I’Ve Wanted To Be
Now That We’Re Together
Stronger Than Ever, Happy And Free
Oh, It’S A Beautiful Thing
Don’T Think I Can Keep It All In
And If You Ask Me Why I’Ll Change
All I Gotta Do Is Say Your Sweet Name

(Repeat Chorus)

kalo mw ikud bernostalgia download disini


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